How to Apply a DIY Facial Wrap

Let’s face it (no pun intended!): facials can be expensive! The last professional facial I had was at an upscale boutique salon and cost around $150. That did NOT include the tip! While it left my skin feeling wonderful, I began to think that there must be another way to get such a great feeling on my face without such an empty feeling in my wallet.

And then along came the most innovative product I’d seen in a long time: the facial wrap. This wrap comes neatly packaged to fit over your face perfectly. All you have to do is clean your skin, dry your skin, then apply! You wear the wrap for approximately 45 minutes, then remove and rub the excess lotion into your skin. The wrap leaves you feeling refreshed and looking years younger. My crows feet and wrinkles were all but gone! The best part is that one facial wrap cost me around $12. That’s right. $12.

Now I wrap my face every week, usually on a Sunday night when I’m watching a movie and just want to relax before Monday kicks in. I wait until the kids are in bed and turn on my favorite show, apply a wrap, and sit down with a cold drink to sip from a straw (I don’t want to mess up my facial-in-progress, right?). The facial wrap leaves me looking great for my week ahead, and I feel confident and relaxed.

The wrap is botanically-based and GMO free, making me feel confident that I’m not putting harmful toxins into my skin, but instead getting them out! Some of the primary ingredients include aloe, lavender, and green tea extract. The wrap can also be safely used while pregnant or nursing.

The cream-infused cloth wrap comes individually packaged in a box of four, allowing me to use one each week for a month. By the end of the month, I look like I’ve lost 10 years! I simply order these wraps and wait for them to be delivered to my door. If I agree to purchase for three months on autoshipment, I receive wholesale pricing on any of the wonderful products this company offers. Some of their other products can be viewed and ordered at the website in my resource box, below.

These wraps are sold in Europe for four times the amount they are sold here, so snatch some up before the price goes up!

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